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" Tasty food fair reaction size "
Ricky D May / June 18 2010
" Wonderful Indian Food "
JIm & Delia Ertes / July 16 2010

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Taj Makes World History
Taj blends exotic Indian fare with southern-style barbecue
By Matt Elofson
Published in Dothan Eagle, Dothan AL
August 04, 2010

My wife and I love a good curry. In fact, Chicken Tikka Masala is the favorite dish in her hometown Birmingham, England. This is a wonderful curry in which roasted chicken pieces (tikka) are served in a rich orange-red, creamy, lightly spiced sauce (masala).

That dish was one of several delicious Indian meals we tasted on Friday night at the Taj Cafe and Barbeque in downtown Dothan.

The Taj Cafe prides itself on being the only restaurant that can serve up authentic Indian cuisine and southern barbecue in the same meal. So with that in mind we invited a couple of friends, Christie and Rodney, to join us at Taj. She enjoys a good chicken Tikka Masala, and he is partial to a decent barbecue sandwich.

Ordering appetizers is a must in any Indian restaurant, and the flavors of these unique creations should not be missed. We shared an order of Samosas, which are pastry triangles stuffed with potato, peas and mint leaves. We also chose the Alu Tikki, which are crispy potato patties topped with chickpea curry, cilantro, onions and chutney. Both dishes were lightly spiced, delicately flavored and left us wanting more, especially the Samosas. Even our barbecue inclined friend seemed to enjoy sampling the exotic appetizers.

The restaurant provides options for the diner not ready to dive into some Indian cuisine — a variety of southern cooking such as fried chicken, potato salad, barbecue beans, cole slaw and fries, dirty rice, salad and of course the barbecue sandwich and barbecue ribs.

Taj Cafe offers combination platters at lunch and dinner, which allows the diner to try two dishes for a lower price.

I ordered a chicken tikka/chicken curry combination that came with a side of vegetable simmered in a curry sauce known as korma.

My wife, Liz, ordered a shrimp curry shrimp tandoori combination that came with a side of paneer korma. Our friends enjoyed the chicken tikka masala/chicken tikka combination with a side of vegetable korma and of course the aforementioned barbecue sandwich that came with a side of dirty rice. The dirty rice had an Indian twist to it with a mild spicy sauce, which was reportedly very tasty. My friend, Rodney, called it the best barbecue sandwich in town.

No Indian meal would be complete without naan bread, which is an Indian flat bread traditionally cooked in a clay oven. The naan at Taj is incredibly fresh and made to order. Between the four of us we devoured a garlic naan, spinach naan and a “bullet” naan, which came with a spicy kick from the jalapeno peppers in it.

When we thought we couldn’t possibly eat anything more the server brought us each a mango lassi, which he assured us would help digestion and refresh our palates. A mango lassi is similar to a milkshake but is made with yogurt instead of milk. We all really enjoyed this sweet ending to a great meal, but I was simply to full to finish mine and passed it onto my wife.

Taj has an extensive website, www.tajdothan.com, and gives those who are unfamiliar with Indian food a good idea of what to expect when dining at the restaurant.

Taj Cafe and Barbeque
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